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Merging Images

Photography is about so many things. I don’t think there is anything simple about it, no, no. It could be, but it isn’t. You’ve got to get the exposure right. That’s the first thing. Second, you’ve got to frame it right, so it works. And if you’re thinking way ahead, think of the crop factor when printing in certain sizes. Then, depending on the subject, there are other things you’ve got to consider as well. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you start editing, other set of rules start kicking in.

The photographer’s job is to mesmerize people, to dazzle them. To catch their eye, to make them fall in love with your image. It’s much like attraction between two people and one thing is certain, leave them wanting more.

December 13th 2010

NASA announced the meteor shower for this 2010. They said Monday the 13th was going to be the best day, along with the 14th for this event. I picked the 13th and I went outside with my camera, maybe by chance I’d catch something though I don’t have the slightest clue on how to do that. I was standing there, freezing like no one’s business at almost 4am. I did see the meteors, but nothing on camera. I ended up taking photos of the stars, towards the Orion’s belt region.

When I saw the film, I was like “These look like speckles”. My photos didn’t show the majesty of such bodies up in the sky. Blah!

December 14th 2010

I noticed how the light hit a tree that’s right outside of my livingroom window. Its orange and red leaves look so beautiful when backlight by the sun. Immediately some ideas spark in my head. I wanted to do some selfportraits out there. Impossible. Too cold and I needed an assistant to bounce some light on me, to get the look I was going for. Flash or a strobe would have killed my idea. But, in the midst of all that I noticed that at 4pm the moon was already on plain sight in the east, while the sun was still up in the west. Some of my beloved red leaves seemed to be right next to it. It was showtime. That became my subject in the end.


I am not even quite sure if I like how I framed the photos, the DOF selected and the way I put the shots together above. I am still deciding, but I can’t hold myself from posting it.

How to Make it Happen

I don’t own a telephoto, so the lens that came with my camera had to suffice. I wanted a somewhat close shot of the moon, which I obviously wasn’t able to get with the lens I had.

When I went through the film, I opened up one shot and zoomed in on the moon, it looked more like what I wanted. But, the moon by itself on a blue sky wasn’t doing it for me. The frame looked too empty. And then… ding, ding, ding! Jackpot!

I remembered my Dec 13th shots. Those stars would definitely get along with my lonely Luna.

The Two Shots

And the two together made this:

Lune de Nuit

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