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About The Artist

Born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Living in United States since November 2005.

Residing in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Fine art photographer by conviction.

American Pitbull Terrier owner and animal lover.

A profound respect and care for our planet.


I sell all my work as limited edition prints.  To shop click here (international shipping available). Currently the store doesn’t have everything I’ve done on hand.  But you can go here and browse through all of my work (beware some photos are NSFW), get the name of the photo you are interested in and let me know. I will make it available for you in the store.


If you want to organize a workshop or get tutoring one on one about any subject regarding photography (including retouching)  message me 🙂

Classes also available  through Skype and Messenger anywhere in the globe.


My store at Image Kind: Click here to shop prints, canvas and posters of my work.

My website: Click here .

My Flickr photostream: Click here to see ALL my photos. Note that some of the photos might be considered too risqué for some.

Karla Hufford - View my 'Art' set on Flickriver

Karla Hufford's photos on Flickriver


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